They will always be there to answer your problems. But, if this were not enough, they will also guide and advise you at all times. Even to with you to advise you during the growth process of your online store. Have you met the goals you have set for this term? Congratulations. Carrefour will reward you with a bonus of up to 2% of your annual turnover. That means if you outsell, you can even earn a percentage cash reward on top of your earnings. Of course, the goals are always established prior. To the start of the term or year, so you have. To be as objective as possible when setting your billing goals and objectives at Carrefour. Work together with the Carrefour team to set goals that are suitable for you and your business. So that you can get the most out of the bonuses.

A wide variety of different clients. One of the great advantages that Carrefour offers, especially if you participate in the multi-channel mode. Is that you have access to a wide variety of customers . You can easily find your customer segment within the huge clientele that this chain. Of hypermarkets has. What is even better is that a large percentage of these customers are loyal to Carrefour. And are recurring customers who come to this supermarket chain to meet their daily needs. The 9 steps to have unbeatable customer service. Make your customers feel important to you.

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If your attention is impeccable, they will Romania phone number come back to buy from you. If you receive a good deal when buying and help you make the best decision. You will be their favorite store. → You too can benefit from its brand position. And recurring customers. Fortnightly payments. It doesn’t matter how much you billed during the month, your payment will arrive. At your bank without fail on a fortnightly basis . Twice a month Carrefour will deposit the earnings generated. By your products in the marketplace into your account. It will be much easier for you to manage your money each month How to sell my products on the Carrefour marketplace? Now, let’s talk about the most important thing.

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How to start selling online in the Carrefour marketplace Actually. The process is quite simple, but unlike Amazon or other marketplaces. Not everyone can be part of this marketplace or partner with Carrefour. IMPORTANT It is not that they have exaggerated requirements. It is just that they carry out a personalized process for each seller to offer security to their consumers. To be part of the Carrefour associates, you have to go through this review and selection process. But for this, you first have to request to join their associates. How? Very easy. 1. Go to the partner website The first step you have to take is to enter the Carrefour associates website. You can do this by searching for ‘ Carrefour Marketplace ‘ on Google or by clicking here. Keep in mind that, even if the sales are made through Carrefour.

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In order to sell on the Carrefour marketplace you must first access it from that website. 2. Access the form and complete it Once you are on the correct page, you must go down to the bottom of the web , you can read the information that appears there and that is quite detailed if you like. Once you are at the end of the web, you will see several options. The ones that interest you are two, which I mark below: The first option that I set is the number that appears, you can call that number and get in direct contact with Carrefour to request to join their vendors. This is a direct method and one that you can do with complete peace of mind, but if you prefer, you can go to the second option that I marked, the button that says ‘ Form ‘.

Click on that button and you will reach another website where you will be shown a contact form like this: Fill in the requested fields and leave a comment with your intentions (if you wish since the comment is optional). Don’t forget to read and accept the ‘Privacy Policy’ When finished, click on ‘ Send ‘ to start with your application to sell online in the Carrefour marketplace. Do you want to know which products are best sold online? This Guide on how to sell online will get you out of doubt! From this point on, the process passes into the hands of Carrefour, who will be in charge of contacting you to evaluate your profile and, if your request is approved, a term will be agreed upon to sign the contract. As I told you, the process is ‘simple’, but quite different from other less rigorous marketplaces.

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