This will allow you to target people that add an item to your cart and leave from any page on your site. If you want to expand your targeting you can click the Add New Gmail Email List Rule button. If you want to narrow your targeting, you can click on the + icon next to any of your Gmail Email List display rules. 8. In your Success section click on Edit Discount to assign a discount to your Automatic Gmail Email List Email Responder and add a new email using the Coupon Code Template. This will set up an email that will get sent out to people with their discount

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Code in case they close your Success Gmail Email List popup accidentally without copying their discount code. Screenshot showing Sumo settings 9. Add your Gmail Email List discount code to your Coupon Code Template by clicking on Insert Discount Code. And add a link back to your cart page. Screenshot Gmail Email List showing Sumo email creation page Golden Nugget: Use this URL to Gmail Email List take people directly back to your cart page with the discount added to the product they were about to buy. Replace your-site-url with your own homepage

Gmail Email List
Gmail Email List

This will help increase your Gmail Email List conversions. 10. Connect to your email service provider so you can store the emails you capture. When connecting you can select which mailing list you want people to join so you can create segmented email campaigns. Screenshot Gmail Email List  showing Sumo email settings page. The Cart Casino app has been discontinued. We now recommend Gmail Email List using the instant discount strategy to get fast results. Who Uses It: Bearded Brothers, to triple email conversion rate and convert 10% of

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