Email testing brings similar insights as ad testing: understanding your audience better and what offers make them convert. But email goes a step further: what subject Brunei B2B List line makes a user open an email. You can test subject lines to see what messages get more of your subscribers to Brunei B2B List open them. Screenshot showing an AB test setup page You should test different email formats: Welcome Brunei B2B List Email Promotion Reminder/reactivation Cart abandonment Etc. Each of these has a different purpose and context in which it is relevant. Hence, email testing should be a staple in your experimentation culture.

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SEO follows a slightly different Brunei B2B List framework, as it’s more of a quasi-experiment with bots than users. However, that doesn’t make it less useful to us. Companies like Thumbtack, Pinterest, Etsy, and others proved that when you have enough traffic. And lots of templatized Brunei B2B List pages — which ecommerce stores have — you can do SEO testing. The image below shows an SEO Brunei B2B List experiment from Thumbtack, where three different title tag variations were tested. Thumbtack put a few thousand pages into each title tag bucket, then launched the test on October

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They could see that the alternate Brunei B2B List variations had underperformed the baseline title tag by 20-30%. So they reverted the titles back to the original title tag, and the traffic returned to a normal level. Graph showing data about ab testing This process is very similar to other forms Brunei B2B List of testing: you take a group of pages with the same template. Change one variable and see how their Brunei B2B List traffic, CTR, or rankings diverge. Strictly speaking, SEO testing is a quasi-experiment because it lacks the randomization factor. You know exactly which pages get which treatment (changes made), as opposed to actual A/B testing, in which a user randomly

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