However, the greatest goal is worth nothing if there’s no one interested in the product I sell. That’s why I wanted to figure out who my target audience could be. at&t company directory TARGET AUDIENCE As the product idea itself is based on my own personal preferences and interests, it’s easy for me to define a person who could be interested in my product: me. Games Biggest struggle on a daily basis Find more time for family/friends Those lists give me a very good overview of whom I’m about to target.

The Correct Way of Building an Opt-In Email List

I created my “perfect customer”: Demographic data Gender Male Age 29 Income $100,000+ Professional Qualifications. Bachelor Professional of Business Occupation Entrepreneur, Freelancer Consumer behavior data Rational buying decisions… Car, Groceries, Business Expenses, at&t company directory Furniture Irrational buying decisions. Sneaker, Apple, Books, Gifts, Business Class Flights, Whiskey Retargeting that works on me. Software, Complementary Apple Products Marketing that never works on me. Online Courses, E-Book  A day in my life Wake up at 5:00 am First thing in the morning Drink

Succeeding at Email List Marketing Requires

cwith the headspace app On the phone for the first. Time at 5:30 – 6:00 am On the computer for the first time at 6:00 am First thing(s). On the phone Emails, Shopify, Instagram, Assistant’s messages First thing(s) on the computer Facebook, Messenger. Times in touch with ads 3-5 (assumed) Where in touch with ads Facebook, Instagram, Newsletter Ads which work (or could work in future) Instagram. Newsletter Preferred marketing Content (blog, video) Weirdest thing on a daily base Meditating, journaling. Hours per day working 8-16 Time spend after work Girlfriend, Netflix, Reading, Video

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