The solution? While you can check your mobile-friendliness using tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly test, the best way to be sure is to view your emails and make a test purchase from your mobile phone. Actually going through the process like a customer is the only way to really understand how easy or difficult it is to use. So go do it! On to the final mistake. NOT PERSONALIZING EMAILS I mentioned in the section on subject lines how important personalization is. It’s so important I’m going to mention it again. Personalize your emails! It might be a pain, it might be hard, it might even be a bit expensive.

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But if you’re using Sumo’s Convert Window Shoppers Shortcut you can do the setup once, then have personalized emails trigger automatically based on buy email address database your visitors most viewed product. WANT MY COPY-AND-PASTE BLACK FRIDAY EMAIL TEMPLATES? You have all the knowledge you need now to run a successful Black Friday email campaign. It’s up to you now to put that knowledge into action. To help you I put together three Black Friday email templates you can copy and paste into your email marketing software.

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The idea is that users are more likely to order through an Instagram picture because they see the product from a different angle. Screenshot showing a product page. A category page is not only an important hub for search engines (in terms of SEO) but also for users. It’s a page for the middle of the funnel, when users consider buying something but don’t know which product yet. Browsing and exploring is a vital part of shopping. A buyer’s decision is more refined, based on whether she browses a category or subcategory page. For category page experiments, it makes sense to measure:

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