Showing the MacBook Pro Not to bully Best Buy here, but the Apple experience conveys much more value just through the headline and huge visuals. In fact, physician email marketing lists the whole landing page for the MacBook Pro consists mostly of those two elements. So, don’t shy physician email marketing lists away from using many high-quality visuals and images, especially in ecommerce. Show the physician email marketing lists product from all angles, and show it being used versus not being used. Using the mentioned image formats, dimensions, and compression ensures that your site

Showing the MacBook Pro Not to bully Bes

loads fast even though you use physician email marketing lists high-quality images. TIP #14: DON’T PUT IMPORTANT TEXT INTO IMAGES A big mistake is to put important text into an image, like a headline. That prevents Google from reading that text. Most of the time, it doesn’t look good and it physician email marketing lists distracts users who use a screen reader. Screenshot showing problems in sharing text in images If you really have to, though. I don’t recommend it, make sure the text comes up again in the content or caption, somewhere near the image (like in the screenshot above). Or you use CSS to place and style the headline in the image. CSS has become very powerful in the recent

CSS has become very powerful

years; so much that you can even code games in CSS! Hence, you can solve most styling issues with CSS. For example, sometimes you want to do something visual with content, like giving a headline a cool style. The easy way to do that is to just create a graphic for the headline but the right way is to do it with CSS. Screenshot showing HTML code for a page TIP #15: DON’T FORGET GIFS! We spoke about GIFs in the context of good image file formats, but they’re often forgotten as a workaround when you can’t find a good image because they help illustrate a point.

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