Key Takeaway Write product descriptions in the natural language of your target customer. the language your customers use in their reviews, either on your site or on sites USA Phone Number List like Amazon. Lean on your support team and pull language from the actual questions USA Phone Number List customers ask. Or head to Quora and look at the language people use when talking about similar products. Approaching your description with this mindset will make your product naturally appeal to your customer. PATAGONIA [OUTDOOR GEAR] It’s no accident that Patagonia finds themselves on a list like this.

Having to Do it All Yourself

They’ve spent years crafting and perfecting their well-known brand, and every single product description is an extension of that. Let’s pick a product, any product. This Linked Pack 28L will do:[*] Screenshot showing a product page for a backpack The product description was so detailed. I USA Phone Number List had to get a close-up with a second screenshot: Screenshot showing copy for a product One major USA Phone Number List component that makes. Patagonia’s product descriptions so compelling is that they’re not afraid to speak in outdoor industry jargon. Many ecommerce businesses shy away from using technical jargon on pages because it might “scare off some customers.

USA Phone Number List

But, for companies like Patagonia in a niche industry, it can lead to the exact opposite by attracting customers. Key Takeaway: Using phrases like “burliest” and “long days on the wall” allow. Patagonia to demonstrate that their employees (as well as the Patagonia brand as a whole) understand the little nuances of each product and how it’s used in the real world. That helps to build trust with the hardcore outdoor shoppers who are most likely to buy their products and advocate for their brands. DEWALT [HARDWARE, TOOLS, & ACCESSORIES] Often the art of writing

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