It will also help your posts show up Romania B2B List on social media sites like Facebook. To comply, one thing you can do is create “pillar pages”. These are pages on your site — typically in-depth articles (2,000 words or more) that cover everything someone needs to know on a particular topic. In addition to this, you can leverage a tactic I call “content clustering”, where you create a series of articles related to the topic of your pillar page. For example, I created a pillar page on the topic of RV rental companies for our travel blog, shown below.

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RVs This page reached the #1 position on Google for it’s target keyword (RV rental companies) within just one month of being published. There are a lot of Romania B2B List reasons for this — my site’s brand authority, topical relevance, and technical SEO — but there are two main Romania B2B List reasons. I created a cluster of sub-pages covering related content, such as  that internally Romania B2B List linked back to my pilar page. The article uses all the content writing best practices I’ve learned in including short showing content about

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sentences/paragraphs, lots of images, research-based stats, screenshots, and more. Want to learn how to create the highest-possible-quality content you can? Click the button below to get my content quality optimizer checklist. Get My Content Quality Optimization Checklist.  You now know the seven things to focus on in the new year to make your marketing stand out and grow your business. But do you know how to actually implement these tactics? If not, click the button below to get my

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