Best Practice Amazon Screenshot showing product description for a product Home. Depot Screenshot showing a product description What the best practice does right. Description American Samoa B2B List is long and contains every aspect of the product. Headings and short American Samoa B2B List paragraphs to make information digestible. Images support text for better visual understanding. Bullet points American Samoa B2B List allow for quick scanning of information. FEATURES Product features are probably the most important content a product page can have after the product image and title for product-aware users.

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Apple’s product page for the iPhone X—the American Samoa B2B List flagship product of the world’s most valuable brand—consists mainly of features. The benefits of the product are communicated in story format, which creates an emotional response while being informative. It’s mainly a conversion driver. It’s the American Samoa B2B List longest product page I’ve ever seen (too long to capture fully in one screenshot), and besides features, there’s not much else. Here are just three of the eight features on the page: Screenshot American Samoa B2B List showing apple Features separate a product from its competitors and are the most valuable aspect to the customer, besides price and quality.

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They have to be communicated clearly, American Samoa B2B List and in best case visually. Worst Practice Screenshot showing an ecommerce product description What the worst practice does wrong: No visual showcase of features. Small font and overwhelming lists that are hard to American Samoa B2B List comprehend. Best Practice Screenshot showing ecommerce product description What the American Samoa B2B List best practice does right: Easy to scan. Nice images to show features. Not too much text. STORY The best product pages tell a story. We’ve already looked at Apple’s iPhone X page, but there are numerous other examples.

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