For example, if you have a cooking channel you could search for terms like “taco” or “taco recipes.” 2. Pay attention to the number of results. When you’re find telephone number netherlands trying to improve your website’s SEO, you’re taught the less competition the better. For find telephone number netherlands YouTube, it’s the opposite — the more competition the better. When you search for find telephone number netherlands results, look for terms with the most results. The more videos there are on your topic, the more videos your video can appear as suggested. To find the number of results for a keyword, head to Google and search. For example: ”cart abandonment You will then see the number of results

Based Marketing Campaign

YouTube has for that keyword: find telephone number netherlands Screenshot showing google search results 3. Optimize your video around that keyword. YouTube suggests videos based on the user’s viewing history and engagement (so make sure your video quality is high). However, find telephone number netherlands many times the MOST important factor is how closely related your video is to what find telephone number netherlands people are already watching. The more your title, description, and tags match up with the video find telephone number netherlands someone is watching, the more likely you are to show up as a suggested video. 9. CREATE OFFERS FOR DEALS WEBSITES Deal websites are incredibly popular with shoppers.

Why the Money Really is in the List

I mean, who doesn’t want to score a massive discount, right? Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are very well-known. But no matter your niche, there’s probably a deal site out there that’s a perfect fit for you. For example: AppSumo = deals for entrepreneurs. Gilt = deals and discounts for designer clothing and accessories. Secret Escapes = deals for travelers and holiday makers. Shopify store Raw Generation, a New Jersey-based juice company, used deals to spearhead their growth from $8k per month all the way up to $96k per month.

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