When you start an eCommerce business, Colombia WhatsApp Number List the most important question you need to answer is: “How will I make money?” And often, Colombia WhatsApp Number List the answer to that question lies in your business model. There are various eCommerce business models and finding the perfect one for your business will help you on the way to success. By defining Colombia WhatsApp Number List your business type you can figure out: Who are your customers? What are you selling?  Where will you get your products from? And more

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Throughout this article, we’ll help you to better understand the types of eCommerce business. Models out there, and guide you through some major decisions you’ll need to make to build a successful eCommerce business. Who Are Your Customers? 2 What Are You Selling. What Colombia WhatsApp Number List Product Model Should You Use How Will You Stock Your Store. Steps To Building Your Colombia WhatsApp Number List Ecommerce Business Model WHO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS. There are four main types of eCommerce business model types to choose from: B2B: Business-to-Business B2C: Business-to-Consumer C2C: Consumer-to-Consumer C2B.

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Consumer-to-Business B2B Colombia WhatsApp Number List BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS A B2B model is when your business sells to another business. A company selling computers and IT products will often sell to other businesses, rather than individual customers. ZipGrow is Colombia WhatsApp Number List a B2B eCommerce business that sells urban farming products to aspiring and established farmers. There’s a huge market globally for B2B eCommerce, with the industry expected to surpass $7.66 trillion Colombia WhatsApp Number List in gross merchandise volume (total value of merchandise sold over a given period of time) in 2017, up from $5.83 trillion in 2013.

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