Know that their job is to remove Cayman-Islands Email List every obstacle faced by their customers, so that it makes it a no-brainer to take the most important step. “Don’t make me think” is the philosophy of great UX design. If you want your customers to make more Cayman-Islands Email List referrals, don’t make them think. Don’t assume that just because they’ve joined your program, they are going to go on a sharing frenzy. ThreadBeast understands that very well. ThreadBeast has a referral program Cayman-Islands Email List that gives you a free ThreadBeast package when you refer your friends. Screenshot showing an opt-in form for a sweepstakes They know that just because a person has signed up

Relationship Marketing Strategy

For their referral program doesn’t mean they: Know how to share, and Are willing to share. At 177,000 followers, ThreadBeast knows that Instagram is one of their most Cayman-Islands Email List successful customer acquisition channels. Screenshot showing an instagram profile They Cayman-Islands Email List also know that their best customers are on Instagram sharing about their latest Thread Cayman-Islands Email List Beast loot. Screenshot showing an instagram search for a tag So, why not teach those customers who joined their referral program how to share on Instagram. Which is EXACTLY what they did: Screenshot showing instructions on referral programs

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By clearly listing out step-by-step what their customers need to do to get referrals. ThreadBeast clears every doubt their customers have about the process. And it works. Josh, a new ThreadBeast customer, followed their suggested steps to the letter. He shared about them with their suggested hashtag (#threadbeast). Screenshot showing an instagram post He linked to his ThreadBeast referral link on his Instagram bio. Screenshot showing an instagram profile And while Josh only has 764 followers, this particular post received about 1,556 Likes. The best part? ThreadBeast probably got new customers from Josh: Screenshot showing an

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