If you don’t have the tools to create a story-based landing page like this or aren’t sure where to start. The Sumo Welcome Mat tool can help you to create a high-converting landing page in a jiffy. Advertise that landing page Once your “best seller” product landing page is up and running, it’s time to advertise. In the world of ecommerce marketing, I’d recommend two time-tested methods of getting. The word out about your new landing page: email and Facebook Advertising.

Building Your Own Goldmine

Start with a highly effective organic method of email marketing by targeting a segment of customers who have not purchased the product. Or, you can reverse engineer Machinery, Computer Equipment Manufacturers Email List the whole process by starting with Facebook. To find the most effective copy and image combination. Then, you can use the winning combination to create a much more effective email advertisement for your landing page. Here’s some ads I mocked up to show you how to do it: Ad A. Screenshot showing the ad creation page on Facebook Ads

Machinery, Computer Equipment Manufacturers Email List

Adn Screenshot showing a facebook ad on Facebook ads Facebook will run the ads and determine the most popular ad creative. Draft your email based on the top performing copy, images, and CTA and send that to your email list. For this example, let’s say that Ad B won. Here’s what your email might look like: Screenshot showing a promotional email It’s a foolproof method of ensuring that you don’t waste a good email! Plus, you have the benefit of a Facebook advertisement out there that is converting (a win-win).

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