We’re proud to say that we help our users to stay on top of those changes. Our team constantly monitors documentation, news sources and social media, and we react quickly when there are important changes. Not all of Google’s changes are big, though. Today’s update was, in fact, very small. Bulgaria Phone Numbers But success in SEO often comes from many small tweaks, changes and improvements. Bulgaria Phone Number Every small advantage counts when you’re competing against other websites. So, what changed? Changes to XML sitemap standards Today’s changes focused on XML sitemaps – a big feature of our plugins.

Google Stopped Supporting Bulgaria Phone Number

Some forms of image and video metadata, which we (used to) include in our sitemaps. For example, they no longer read captions, titles, and licensing information about images. Bulgaria Phone Number We’ve safely removed these deprecated properties. Streamlining sitemaps also has some positive side effects – those files become smaller, faster, and easier to generate. Bulgaria Phone Number At scale, that’s great for energy consumption and great for the environment. At Yoast, we’re all for creating a sustainable world (wide web) for everyone. Isn’t this information valuable?

It May Come as a Surprise Bulgaria Phone Number

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That Google is declaring that they don’t want to know important information about your images and videos. Bulgaria Phone Number We know that in the world of SEO, metadata, captions, and other information can help them to better understand, process, and rank your content. Bulgaria Phone Number Thankfully, you don’t need to worry. XML Sitemaps were first introduced in 2005, and the web has changed a lot since then. Google can extract key information directly from images and videos – and for everything else, they can use structured data from your content. That’s much more efficient than bundling extra information into sitemaps.

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