Everyone is using the same tools for competitor analysis. If you’re doing the same thing as everyone else, it doesn’t help your business grow or increase your south korea email list success .You have no way of distinguishing your company from the competition. In this post I’m south korea email list going to show you an arsenal of little-known tools and strategies that will help you spy on your Shopify south korea email list competitors. Screenshot showing what platform a website uses BuiltWith tries to index all registered domains on the internet, so finding information on your competition shouldn’t be hard to do.

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I guarantee these are not the same tactics everyone else is using. BUILTWITH Have you ever wondered what your competitors are using on their own Shopify sites to south korea email list power its design and functionality. Well, with BuiltWith you can find out. All you have to do is enter the of your Shopify south korea email list competitor into the search bar. Here’s an example using Shopify store MVMT Watches: Screenshot showing what apps are used on MVMT watches. See what I mean? You can see all the web tools your competitor has installed on their website. With BuiltWith, see insider information like: What analytics and tracking tools they’re using to monitor site visitor behavior.

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The general widgets they’re using to south korea email list make their site look and perform a certain way, so you can copy them. How they’re speeding up their website, and which CDN they use. How they’re taking care of the shopping experience on mobile devices. Which payment gateways are being used, which is super helpful if you want to go global and need ideas. The tools they’re using to monetize their site. Which email hosting provider they’re using. If their site is secure and which kind of SSL certificates they use. How they’re hosting their online shop. Which server technology they’re using.

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