CRIK Nutrition is a small eCommerce company run by Canadian entrepreneur and bug enthusiast Alex Drysdale. Alex was reading an article one day about Papua New Guinea B2B List the benefits of cricket protein: it’s nutrient-dense, ethical, and sustainable. He got so excited about the Papua New Guinea B2B List benefits of eating crickets that he started eating them for lunch. That’s when he started to think… how do you ingest crickets in a way that’s not going to be gross? Alex looked up cricket protein powders, but no one was making them.

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That’s when CRIK Nutrition cricket protein powder was born. Alex thought “if we can put a man on the moon, then I’m sure I can make a cricket taste like vanilla.” Alex built a Papua New Guinea B2B List powder and started using Sumo for his store’s lead generation. With Sumo installed, he Papua New Guinea B2B List was ready to implement a lead generator that would. Be low-cost or free Make most visitors happy it popped up Prequalify visitors as real potential customers. So he came up with a “Free Protein” giveaway where he

Papua New Guinea B2B List

Would randomly send out one tub of his cricket protein powder every month to people who entered the giveaway. With their email address—a small price to pay (about $35 per tub for the product and shipping) for the number of leads he received. The “Free Protein” giveaway’s primary purpose is to prequalify leads. Alex knows nearly every person who signs up for the giveaway is at least interested in trying cricket protein powder. There’s a much higher chance of these leads becoming paying customers one day if he plays his cards right. To make sure everyone who visits the CRIK Nutrition website has a chance to sign up for his giveaway,

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