Yes, he’s a paying Sumo user and does great with our email subscriber growth tools, but he doesn’t limit his methods to email. For this promotion, Justin Electronic, Electrical Manufacturers Email List posted a story about email marketing to his Facebook followers, using a custom offer.[*] Check it out: Screenshot showing a facebook post Screenshot showing a Sumo review Justin goes on to explain. How he got that 62% opt-in rate and how to get into a private Facebook Group where he’ll coach you how to get 2,000 leads in 20 days.

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This offer didn’t take him anything but time. The important thing to remember when making an offer like this is you want to get people successfully using Sumo. Once you’ve shown them they can grow their businesses, they’re going to stick around for a long time—good for both you and Sumo. Teach them how to use Sumo’s tools successfully, and you’ll not only make money (we pay 30% recurring commissions for life), but your customers will make more money (and love you for it),

Electronic, Electrical Manufacturers Email List

And we get Taco Thursdays in addition to Taco Tuesdays. It’s one of my favorite things: a win/win/win (your customers win, you win, we win). Action items: Create a custom offer. Some ideas to get you started: Private Facebook group focused on something your customers want Sumo setup service to get your customers up and running quickly and successfully. One of your own information products. Suggest the specific Sumo plan your customers should use Post to your Facebook page (and/or email list)

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