A tweet As an online retailer, you sometimes have unique data or opinions about some topics. Which you can either provide in the form of a blog post or a landing page. Warby Parker rode on the wave of the Solar Eclipse 2017 and created a contest around the topic. Screenshot showing an online contest The landing page has since received over 200 backlinks. Apple does something similar with the Steve Jobs memorial page. Screenshot showing the “remembering steve jobs” page on apple.

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Surely, the page wasn’t set up primarily to gather backlinks, but it contributes to an ongoing buzz. Similar to hijacking a current topic. The Steve Jobs page Elementary And Secondary Schools Email List showing ahrefs stats for a website page Every year on the day Steve Jobs died (October 5th) it will be in the news and searched for. Some years more than others, as Google Trends proves. Screenshot showing google trends on steve jobs How you can build backlinks with attention catchers

Elementary And Secondary Schools Email List

Keep an eye on trending topics and products on Google Trends. When you spot a trend you can contribute to, create content around it ASAP. Set up a landing page for all big online retail days, e.g., Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Single’s Day. Even if you don’t participate in it, you should think about a way to set up a landing page around the topic. Seasonal landing pages should be live all year round and if possible under the same URL. Google gives URLs “trust” over time, and constant availability plays an

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