As marketers, we pay a lot of attention to KPIs. At Justuno, we think it’s important to pay attention to converting all the marketing work you do. And we like to measure this in % of traffic converted to email. How many email signups are you capturing? This should be one of your top KPIs and a constant metric you use to monitor your marketing success. Argentina Phone Number Why? I will address this below. But first, let’s look at why email capture is important in the first place. (If you think you already know this, feel free to skip where it makes sense.)

Email Signups Boost Your Marketing Strategy

It might seem pretty obvious: but once you have an email address, the possibilities of marketing to that person and pushing them further down the conversion funnel are endless. But you’d be surprised how many websites with high traffic continue to drop the ball to capture that traffic, turn them into leads and eventually sales. The remedy is simple: take advantage of an email capture solution like Justuno. Once you understand how to set up the two most recommended promotions (new visitor and exit intent/cart abandonment), you’ll feel more confident about using email capture to acquire emails. emails, segment them in your ESP or marketing software, then push personalized or targeted marketing.

Improve Your Lifecycle

Email Database

Capturing an email on checkout or cart abandonment helps improve your chances of capturing what could be lost revenue. When you show an offer to someone who intends to leave your site or abandon their cart. You are enticing them to take action by sweetening the offer. At Justuno, we find that free shipping is by far the best performing offer among our user base. Once the visitor has signed up for the exit or cart abandonment offer, you have access to their most personal channel – email – and can now offer more targeted marketing based on the page they left or items they may have left in their basket.

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