There are a lot of things that go into closing the deal. A modern salesperson must be a jack-of-all-trades, able to work with new technology tools such as email automation, CRM, business intelligence, and data-driven personalization, while staying up-to-date. comfortable with “old-fashioned” concepts like networking. , product knowledge, relationship Namibia Phone Number building, drop-in… And cold calls. Yes, they still have a place in the fast-paced and largely digital world of 21st century sales. The list of traits and skills is long and constantly changing, but knowing how to use the phone is still a very valuable asset.

Call Mapping

The term can mean a few different but interconnected things. I deliberately used the word blueprint earlier. Call mapping is similar. Basically, you need to trace your call, the route you want it to take to get to its destination (your goal for a particular call), including stops along the way (the crucial talking points). It is a sketch of the desired conversation in advance. Whether it’s a discovery call – to learn more about a business, its needs, and how you might be able to help – a follow-up or a closing call, they all need to be mapped.

A Quick Word on Call Mapping

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Namibia Phone Number

You may also come across the term call mapping (not to be confused with call mapping). A mapping call is a cold call to “map” a company’s organizational structure and hierarchy. These generally follow the same simple structure. Start at the top, keep it short and polite, play the “lost lamb” card. And work your way up the organization via transfers and referrals until you end up talk to the right person. But that’s a topic for another day, so let’s get back to call mapping. You need information and details to map the conversation you want to have. Look to industry blogs, trade newspapers and magazines, services like Upstream, social media profiles (for the company and the individual), company website, etc. to provide the information you need to learn about prospects, their business and their needs. .

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