The new leadership team that lives and breathes ‘SEO for everyone’! The road to a new leadership team Times are changing. After our tremendous growth over the past years, we joined Newfold Digital in August 2021. Not too long after that, in November 2021, I de Valk picked up. UP new role as CEO after Marieke decided to step back from this position. Cameroon Phone Numbers  In March 2022, Joost announced that he will transition to Cameroon Phone Number an advisory position within the company. Moreover, my good friend and former CTO Omar recently decided. To pursue other dreams after 8 years of full dedication.

Omar Has Always Been Cameroon Phone Number

An essential part of Yoast and helped shape our products into what they are today. He is responsible for getting our development team up and running. Omar started out at Yoast in 2014 with lots of ambition, a bold spirit, and countless ideas on how to make improvements. Cameroon Phone Number And he definitely lived up to everything. Omar is an incredibly creative thinker, a strategist, and a believer in Yoast and our products. The Cameroon Phone Number entire Yoast family wishes him all the best! With all these changes the need for a new leadership team grew.

That’s Why We’re Extremely Cameroon Phone Number

Cameroon phone number

Happy to present an awesome new leadership team – with some familiar and fresh faces – that will guide Yoast through these new and exciting times! The new Yoast leaders First, the familiar faces: I will remain to be at the helm of Yoast, leading the company into this new era. Cameroon Phone Number But I won’t be alone. Chaya, as chief operating officer (COO), will keep overseeing the day-to-day operations. She focuses on running smooth and optimized business processes to Cameroon Phone Number get Yoast to the next level and help everyone here move forward.

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