Campbell soup company increased advertising. Spend Taiwan Phone Number during the first three months of the year as the coronavirus pandemic led to a surge in demand. For comfort food like soup and snacks. Its marketing expenses jumped 26% from Taiwan Phone Number a year earlier, as spending. On advertising and retailer promotions rose 29%, ceo mark clouse said in a conference call with. Analysts. Marketing expenses for snacks rose 11%, and the company plans to boost that spending during. The current quarter to retain new customers who have bought brands such as goldfish crackers made by. Campbell’s pepperidge farm division. Campbell’s sales rose 15% to $2.24 billion from a year earlier while. Earnings doubled to $168 million, per its quarterly report. Sales of u.s. Soup increased 35%, but the company. Lost market share in ready-to-eat soups because factory output couldn’t keep pace with demand. Dive insight:

Campbell Boosted Spending Taiwan Phone Number

On advertising during the first quarter as the coronavirus. Pandemic led millions of consumers to stock their pantries with non-perishables and canned goods during. Lockdowns. The company seeks to maintain that sales momentum by ramping up Taiwan Phone Number its marketing spend. During the remainder of the year, including campaigns planned for the current quarter. “we have attracted new. Consumers to our brands during the covid-19 demand surge, giving us access to millions of buyers. Who had not purchased our brands in the prior 52 weeks,” clouse said during the earnings call. “many. Of the households are younger and represent significant incremental growth for our brands. We are. Now mobilizing behind retaining these new consumers as we look ahead.” household penetration for campbell’s. Soup rose 10% during

The First Three Months Taiwan Phone Number

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Of the year, and millennials made up the biggest Taiwan Phone Number part of that growth, per iri data cited in campbell’s slide presentation. Its snack brands boosted household penetration 5.4 percentage points, including increases for what the company calls its “power brands:” goldfish, snyder’s of hanover, kettle, lance, milano, cape cod, pretzel crisps, late Taiwan Phone Number july and pepperidge farm. “this quarter, seven of our nine power brands grew or held share,” clouse said during the call. Its late july brand of organic snacks experienced the strongest growth with a gain of 2.5 percentage points in market share, followed by lance’s 1.9 percentage point gain. Goldfish sales rose 11% but lost 0.7 percentage points of market share, while hanover boosted consumption 21% and lost 0.5 percentage points, clouse said. The company expects snacks to be a significant driver of growth for remainder of the year, while consumer and retail trends will continue as people seek

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