I’ve seen halfheartedly executed blogs in Construction Email List all corners of the internet. When done poorly, they’re never more than a burden that slows down operations. A well-done blog, however, is a link cash machine. It attracts links, builds community around your brand, Construction Email List and serves as an information hub. One such example comes from Dollar Shave Club. Screenshot Construction Email List showing dollar shave club The covered topics on their blog are as targeted at men as can be. The posts are exclusively for the core target audience – no oneelse.

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That’s why the blog got thousands Construction Email List of backlinks. Screenshot showing ahrefs stats for a website page Lululemon’s blog is another good example of targeted content. It’s almost the antithesis to Dollar Shave Club: its focus is on women, yoga, and fitness. The Construction Email List whole blog has earned over 20,000 backlinks from all kinds of big publishers: HuffPo, Construction Email List Mashable, NYTimes & co. (despite the fact it has an ugly blog url no one can remember). Screenshot showing ahrefs stats for a site Walmart has a similar setup in their “ideas”blog.


From “lunch ideas” to “bedding Construction Email List buying guides,” it covers everything. Screenshot showing content on school lunches Walmart got almost 10,000 links with the ideas blog. Screenshot showing ahrefs stats for a website page 12. RUN A PODCAST Who would Construction Email List have thought that podcasts could play a role in ecommerce link building or ecommerce in general. Construction Email List Well, some companies already successfully use it! For example, AWS has (at least) two podcasts: the AWS podcast and TechChat. Screenshot showing aws The

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