In order to figure out which color-spray works the best for my products, I had to do a spray test on the backpacks. And that was when the headache started (literally). I planned to do the test in my garden, but unfortunately it was a rainy day and I didn’t want to wait. So I chose to do the test in my basement. Let me tell you, kids, this was a stupid idea. Don’t do this. I tested for five criteria: Where to place the hand sprayed letters. How the color looks on black. How long it will take to dry. How the color smells after it’s

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dry. How water-resistant the color is. I bought two different types of color sprays, printed and cut out the lettering “HYKE” and did the test. Picture showing an thailand phone box with a backpack on it It looked like a mess and it’s far away from the final backpack, but it was worth it. For example, my initial plan to spray the letters on the back of the backpack didn’t work out that well, so I decided to spray on the straps. Worked way better. Also, one spray wasn’t water-resistant, even though the can said it was.

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At the end of the test I had a solid result and a good idea on how to actually create the product for my future customers. In addition to the test on the backpack, I did another one. This time for packaging. FINDING THE RIGHT PACKAGING Obviously, I will need to ship the products later on in this business. Therefore, I needed cardboard packaging and some tape. Before jumping into a bulk order of 100 packages I bought one box at a local post office to try their standard sizes. Picture showing an opened shipping

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