Networks (especially Pinterest) but it also gives your content a certain quality. Consider the image in the screenshot below. It’s only a single image that doesn’t help the user to see the product from all angles and make a purchase decision. If I was the manager of the online store. I’d take some pictures myself, which helps me to stick out from other competitors  and improve the user experience. Screenshot showing a bicycle If you want to create graphics but don’t want to use a

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More sophisticated tool like Photoshop, use simple solutions like Canva or Keynote/Powerpoint. Or look at this article by Zappos and how they use us company list database the quality of the article. Screenshot showing an article Graphics of this type can be used several times. They give a blog character and uniqueness. Images can often help explain concepts or product details to a user faster and easier than plain text. Users can be

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Reassured the content will meet their needs at a glance before they even start reading the text. Whatever way Google measures user satisfaction, whether clickthrough rates or people staying on a page vs. immediately clicking back to the search results, a positive user experience is universally good. In ecommerce, having very high-quality images versus none can make all the difference. The way a product is displayed increases the value of the product (just think of Apple) and online that’s being done by

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