Marieke will be the head of the strategy, focusing on the path we should take, in our products and as a company. Chile Phone Number She will make sure we keep growing and flourishing in Yoast-style. But there are also a lot of new faces on our leadership team! We’d like you to Chile Phone Number meet Irene, our new head of research and development (R&D). At grown from a linguist to an engineering manager to a leader. The position where she’s now. She’s highly dedicated to keeping on delivering people. Great experiences with our products and building a more diverse development team.

She Will Work Closely Chile Phone Number

With Herre, our new head of technology. With our talented technical teams, he’ll strive for technical excellence and provide users with the best and most stable software in the industry. Chile Phone Number And, Taco, a very familiar face at Yoast and in the WordPress community is taking up the role of head of relations. He knows our communities, customers, and partners like no other. He loves to nurture and improve the Chile Phone Number relationships with all people we interact with. And last, but definitely not least, Inge, our new head of marketing is deeply driven to keep Yoast growing.

Bring Across Our Values Chile Phone Number

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And build marketing teams that work together seamlessly. Want to get to know our leaders a bit better? Check out our leadership team page. The road ahead So what does this leadership change mean? Chile Phone Number Of course, our mission “SEO for everyone” won’t change. Chile Phone Numbers We’re still dedicat to offering each and everyone equal chances. In the search results with our software and educational material. We’re still dedicated to making SEO accessible and easy for everyone. Wherever or whoever you are.

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