It works with quite a few blocks, ranging from quote, list, code, heading, pullquote, verse, etcetera. Lastly, the China Phone Number cover block can now dynamically grab your featured image and set it as the background for the cover block. All you have to do is select the China Phone Numbers  ‘use featured image‘ setting and WordPress will do the rest. The cover block can now dynamically grab your post’s featured image and use it as a background Writing improvement You can expect several notable writing improvements in this new version of WordPress. They are not major changes by any means, but you’ll definitely notice and appreciate the refinement in your overall writing experience.

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Selecting text from 2 separate blocks and got annoyed because it automatically selected all the text from both blocks? Well, you won’t be bothered by that anymore. From WordPress 6.0 onwards, you can easily select text across blocks and edit it to your liking. China Phone Number This is definitely a quality of life improvement. You can conveniently select text across blocks in WordPress 6.0 Also coming your way is a new link completer shortcut. China Phone Number You can access this shortcut anytime by typing “[[” and it will show you a list of links on your site.

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Handy when you’re doing internal linkings, for instance. Lastly, WordPress will remind you to China Phone Number and add tags. Categories as the last step before you can publish a post. China Phone Number When you publish a lot of posts, it can be easy to forget. This step so this is quite a neat feature for forgetful folks. Design and layout tools We won’t be diving too much into the improvements in design and layout tools, but we do think the following two features deserve a mention. The first one is transparency control for background, which is very useful when you want to use a background with columns.

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