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What we see most often is the tactic against utility providers and supermarkets. The government will come up with policies to attack gas prices or phone bills which are unavoidable costs we all bear. And these costs are Controlled by large, unknown companies. In almost all cases, the end result is Thailand B2B List  that nothing has changed. But in reality, everything remains the same. Because, in fact, for various reasons, the government cannot make any major changes.

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But even without solid results, it makes the government and/or politicians the heroes of the story, driving change on our behalf at the very top of town. It doesn’t matter if they knew and always knew that what they were proposing would never actually come to fruition. Even at the expense of money, time and effort, this is a political gimmick. That’s the Australian government’s proposal to have Google and Facebook pay news publishers to use their content. Just as political gestures show voters that the government is taking action, even if logically those actions won’t actually lead to any change.

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