I saw your Pinterest group [Pinterest group board URL] and was wondering if I could become a contributor. I promise to follow any rules you may have and to only Uruguay Phone Number List post great content. Cheers, [your name] Pro Tip: Don’t forget to follow up with them once or Uruguay Phone Number List twice if they don’t answer you within a few days! The magic is in the follow up. Something like 50% Uruguay Phone Number List of all closes come after a follow up, not on a first email. Get on it! Once you’ve emailed at least a dozen group owners (because you’re not going to get everyone to

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Respond), move on to Step 5… [STEP #5] CREATE Uruguay Phone Number List PINNABLE IMAGES FOR YOUR BEST ARTICLES. Trying to pin your articles to Pinterest with the featured image from your blog post is, in a word dumb. The aspect ratio of a featured image is typically wider Uruguay Phone Number List than it is tall. So they look really stupid on Pinterest. The best Pinterest ratio is 2:3, Uruguay Phone Number List with a minimum width of 600 pixels. Screenshot showing pictures of travel destinations Pinterest is a hugely visual platform.

Uruguay Phone Number List

People click based on whether Uruguay Phone Number List the IMAGE captures their attention, not the text in the pin description. So if you want a wildly Uruguay Phone Number List successful Pinterest campaign, you need to get good at creating decent images. Luckily, tools like Canva exist.[*] Just click Uruguay Phone Number List the template that says “Pinterest Graphic”, then start designing your image. Screenshot showing Canva Canva has premade designs and layouts to make things even easier for people who know nothing about design.

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