ClickFunnels claims its Platinum plan is worth more than a 4-year college education (founder Russel Brunson actually gives students permission to drop out of school in one of his many videos!), and at $3,564 per year, which would indeed reflect the real cost of attending certain European universities. So, is it really worth it and is it really the best option Denmark Phone Number  for you ? I came across ClickFunnels while reviewing sales funnel software and I have to say I wasn’t entirely sold on it. everything seemed so commercial and expensive … and when I say ‘commercial’ I mean overly pushy and unsophisticated.

Clickfunnels Pricing Summary

One good thing about the Starter plan is that the membership area is included. And pages inside that area don’t count against your 100 page limit. However, as you have seen in the table above. The Starter plan does not contain much. You’re limited to 20 funnels, and follow-up funnels (i.e. following up on leads that came out the other side of your funnel) aren’t included. Other than that, an important limitation to note is the absence of email marketing , which you will 100% need to make your sales funnels profitable. Sure, you can integrate ClickFunnels with an email marketing tool, but that comes at an additional cost and $97/month is already a pretty big expense for small businesses.

When to Use the Platinum Plan

Email Database

Marketing agencies will benefit from unlimited sales funnels, landing pages, and follow-up funnels. Additionally, you will be able to manage 9 domains on your account. Those who manage affiliates or influencers will find the affiliate platform useful. Because here you can manage commissions paid and due and track your top affiliates. (Note: I haven’t tested this software. If you’re specifically looking for this type of software, check out these affiliate platforms, which we’ve tested firsthand.) We don’t recommend signing up for the Platinum plan just for the email marketing. Features – there are tons of great affordable and even free email marketing services. Out there that will no doubt offer great email marketing templates. prettier emails.

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