Are you a designer or luxury brand who Office 365 Email List has a policy to never publicly discount your eCommerce products. Or do you just hate discounting your hard work. If so, then I’m going to show you two popups that Sumo customer Android Homme, a luxury street Office 365 Email List footwear brand that hand-makes all its products in. Italy uses to generate leads without using standard percentage Office 365 Email List discounting (e.g.: 10% off). POPUP #1: $500 STORE CREDIT Design. Sumo Impress Template (available inside Sumo) Screenshot showing

Using Email In Selling

A sumo popup Where You See It: Office 365 Email List After 10 seconds on your first page. View of any page on the website (except the account and cart pages). Screenshot Office 365 Email List showing display results for a sumo popup Result: 5.05% email conversion rate. 2,996 emails. Screenshot showing Office 365 Email List popup stats Why It Works. You’re giving away $500 to use in your store to Office 365 Email List someone who is actively looking for products in your store, so there is alignment between the offer and what most people are doing on your site.

Office 365 Email List

It is a sum of money large enough to  purchase any product in the store for the monthly winner. POPUP #2: EXCLUSIVE SALES Design: Sumo  Default Template (available inside Sumo). 3 parts were changed: the background color (from Grey to White), the font color (from blue to black) and the font type (from Open Sans to Amaranth). Screenshot  showing a sumo popup Where You See It: After 10 seconds and more than one page view on the website (except the account and cart pages).

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