They are made Amazon Advertis and it is very easy to.  Similar to Google Ads. With this type of campaign, your products will appear as sponsored within the platform the moment a person performs a related search. Analyze the results Analyzing the metrics and data to see if the objective is being achiev is essential in any campaign. It should be check to change things that are not working and continue advancing in the strategy . As well as to increase sales on Amazon.


These metrics can be viewed and

Track even from Namibia Phone Number the last 90 days. With them we can check the performance of the budget and the impressions that each ad receives per click, since reaching more users depends on it. An impression occurs  your ad is shown. This metric is the count of times a user has seen your ad. Clicks per impression is another important metric that will help you know if your ad is performing well and making an impact on users. Finally, one of the metrics that can be check to analyze the performance and results of your ad campaigns is the total sales per click.


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Namibia Phone Number

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