INCREASE YOUR OPEN RATE WITH SUBJECT LINE A/B TESTING AND DOUBLE OPT-IN. Email marketing is much more than cool videos, catchy designs, and words Ecuador Phone Number List that stick. It is also data and metrics, but don’t fear if you aren’t a numbers whiz. Today’s Ecuador Phone Number List email service providers can help you make sense of this information. Pay attention to Ecuador Phone Number List your open rate and bounces. #1 USE A/B TESTING TO AVOID INEFFECTIVE SUBJECT LINES The ecommerce industry email open rate average is 16.75%.

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You want your campaigns to surpass that average. An open rate below the average could mean your campaign was routed to spam or a secondary email box Ecuador Phone Number List (think Promotions tab in Gmail). You want to avoid subject lines with: All caps Any word(s) on this spam list Ecuador Phone Number List Too much punctuation such as “!!!!” at the end of the line These three things can contribute to a low open rate. Here’s Ecuador Phone Number List an example from Akira, a Chicago-based clothing boutique. Screenshot showing an inbox Akira’s emails appear in my Promotions tab in Gmail.

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The company notoriously uses caps to Ecuador Phone Number List grab attention, which routes them out of my direct inbox. Their content isn’t consistent, either. Customers like clear, consistent messages that are relevant. “50% OFF WHATEVER” may sound like a good subject line because it is Ecuador Phone Number List short, but is it relevant? Relevance is important to your audience. As 78% of consumers expect emails from retailers to have tailored promotions with relevant offers and recommendations.

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