Despite the popularity of HubSpot, many people are looking for an alternative solution. And although the Free CRM plan is very attractive, the price tags attached to its paid plans are not so attractive for small businesses. But what about Active UAE Phone Numbe How do its prices compare to those of HubSpot and what features does it offer? We’ll look at all of that and more in this ActiveCampaign vs HubSpot comparison.

ActiveCampaign is a Chicago-based marketing automation tool primarily aimed at email marketers, while HubSpot offers various “hubs” for sales, marketing, and customer service teams. This myriad of features makes it a slightly more diverse product, however, you won’t actually get access to its huge collection of features unless you put in the cash. Instead, most opt ​​for a single hub or a discounted plan (note that this comes with a 12-month commitment).

Ease of Use

Going for a powerful solution can often mean you face a steep learning curve. While that’s not necessarily the case with these two tools, I would still say HubSpot was slightly easier to use than ActiveCampaign. HubSpot’s interface is clean and simple, with live chat support handy if you get stuck. There are plenty of customization options without it feeling overwhelming like it does with powerful CRMs like Salesforce. There’s also a useful guided tour of the software, so you can see how everything works before you start.

Pipeline Customization and Management

The great thing is that you can organize your dashboard to show the information. That’s important to you, which means less time wasted digging. You can also see exactly how each of your sales reps is performing right on your dashboard. Both platforms offer great flexibility and customization. As I mentioned above, you can customize what you see in the dashboard. On both tools, so you get a clear picture as soon as you open the platform.

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