You’d be surprised how much time you can waste getting to grips with a new email marketing tool. That’s why we look at ease of use before anything else. If you’re new to email marketing, you’ll no doubt appreciate a shallow learning curve and easy-to-navigate interface. While both of these tools have a well-designed backend, it’s slightly easier to USA Phone Number List locate what you need in ConvertKit’s menu. If you’re just starting out or probably aren’t using all the features, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Design and Flexibility

As I mentioned above, ConvertKit only has 3 templates and they are really very basic. In fact, one of them is “text only”, which leaves only 2 templates. Image grouping and column-based layouts are simply not possible. Severely limiting what you can do when it comes to creating visual content. It’s ironic because ConvertKit heavily markets its product to young creatives. conversion kit editor ConvertKit Models What you can do is code your email template in the HTML editor – this is a nice feature to have for more advanced marketers and tech-savvy creatives, but really needs to complement a More beginner-friendly option, in my opinion.

Email Automations

We give ActiveCampaign 5 stars for automation. It really offers one of the most powerful solutions and makes it quite easy for the user by offering lots of templates and a flowchart style visual editor. Activecampaign Automations ActiveCampaign Automation Workflow Editor Set up follow-up campaigns, abandoned cart emails, automatically tag subscribers when they take a particular action – there are no limits to what you can do with ActiveCampaign! Having so many options might seem a little overwhelming, but it’s actually very easy to set up and manage. ConvertKit’s flexible tagging and segmentation system means you can run highly targeted automated campaigns to very specific groups of contacts, for example, when they click on a link or sign up through a form.


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