In a way, there is a sense that what affects consumer marketing is completely different from what affects business-to-business marketing and vice versa. The languages ​​to be spoken are different and so are the key products. The important channels also differ.

But what the years and the analyzes are showing is that the concerns of marketers are not so Canada Phone Number List Database  different and that, therefore, one discipline and the other should be more attentive to what happens in the other. The big problems that keep consumer marketers awake are not that different from those that keep B2B marketers awake.

And that’s where cookies come in. The cookie blackout has become one of the biggest headaches for marketers, no matter how long a grace year lasts.

Several browsers already block them by default and Chrome, Google’s browser and the most popular on the market, will also do so shortly. Canada Phone Number List Database The accumulation of information will become more complicated and work in digital marketing and advertising will be an uphill battle, unless viable and working alternatives are found.

In a way, when we have analyzed what the cookie blackout will mean and what it will mean for brands, we have ended up talking about the consumer universe. However, the problem is not limited to those brands. It’s for everyone and B2B marketers would do well not to forget it.

As they warn in a Forrester analysis, B2B marketers should also prepare for closing cookies and work to get everything done before Google disables Chrome. B2B advertisers, they caution, shouldn’t wait to solve the challenge at the end of the day. They have to work now.

How to work the alternatives
What should B2B marketers focus on Canada Phone Number List Database when preparing for the blackout? From Forrester they point out three key points that these marketers should work on, since they allow to improve the strategy and better solve the challenges of the corporate environment.

Beyond the accounts
The first of those points should be to better understand your audience. The time has come to move beyond working for accounts or for people.

According to Forrester, audiences should be analyzed based on person- and account-based formats, but also by online audience groups, by interim audiences, or by an algorithm. As in consumption, its segments must become more complex.

Points in common
Similarly, audiences can be reached through “common attributes.” It is what is done in consumption on many occasions and it is what should be done more B2B.

“B2B advertisers need to create new processes that can use data from specialized vendors and firms that create and reach commercial audiences in business and personal contexts,” they note in the analysis.

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