Shopify also automatically generates title tags that include your store name for your pages. And, it adds canonical tags to pages to prevent duplicate content from appearing in the search results. In addition to the automated features mentioned above, Shopify gives you the option to edit a few things that will benefit your SEO. The platform allows you to edit the Costa Rica Phone Numbers URL, title tag and meta description for each product, page and blog post. Costa Rica Phone Number You can also add alt text to your images. All of these features help search engines understand your website and the content on it, which will increase your chances of showing up in the search results of your target audience.

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Features and Shopify’s SEO recommendations on their help page on SEO. Although these built-in features are a great start and can certainly increase your chances of ranking, it’s important to Costa Rica Phone Number realize that there’s more work to do. An important factor in SEO, for example, is content. Your content needs to be good enough for search engines to Costa Rica Phone Number want to show it to people. That’s why we would recommend using additional SEO tools for Shopify. Hiring an SEO expert One way to work on your SEO, without actually having to do that much yourself, is by hiring an SEO expert.

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Add to your team, or it could be an external company or person that spends an X amount of hours per month on your SEO. A reason to hire an SEO expert is the fact that it will cost you less time overall. Costa Rica Phone Number You might need to guide them in terms of what’s important for your company and what your field is all about, and also have reoccurring evaluations together. But other than that, this person (or company) can do all the Costa Rica Phone Number writing and other optimizing for you. The benefit of hiring someone, instead of hiring an agency, is that this person can focus all of their time and efforts on your website and getting to know your products/field.

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