Even if you are already running abandon cart email sequences . You’re likely leaving money on the table if you’re not running YouTube remarketing ads. To run ads Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List targeting cart abandoners, you first need to build a remarketing list. There are a few ways Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List to do this, but my preferred method is usually to create these lists in Google Analytics. I recommend you build cart abandoner list segments in the following windows.This allows you to tailor your ads based on how long it’s been since someone abandoned your cart. Often we provide a simple reminder during the first few days after someone abandons.

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Then make an offer of some type to get them back after it’s been 7 days or more. To setup these windows, go to Google Analytics. In the Admin view select Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Audience Definitions. Create a campaign sequence. While you don’t have to do it exactly like we do, this is what we recommend to Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List setup inside your Google Ads account: Create four campaigns. And give them Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List campaign names matching the remarketing list you created for each time window. Each campaign will target the remarketing list you created for that period and exclude the shorter-duration lists.

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Durations (3 day, 15 day, and 30 day). Once you’ve built your lists, it’s time to start building your campaign sequence.  Sometimes a simple reminder is all. Someone needs to get them to complete their purchase, and there is no need to offer them a big incentive or discount. Other times, you need to be more persistent. For those that take a little extra persuasion, it’s best not to beat them over the head with the same video over and over again. How can you deliver the right remarketing message to your cart abandoners to recover as many sales as possible?

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