Uses buttons to zoom in (users expect to be able to zoom in with a click). You also want to avoid an image header without text on product pages. The emptiness looks like the French Polynesia B2B List page is incomplete and leaves too much room for interpretation. For example, the image below could be an ad for Smith Sunglasses or Apple EarPods. Screenshot showing an ecommerce store Also, be careful with French Polynesia B2B List the colors of your text against your background image. Below, the headline and first call-to-action button have text that is very difficult to read.

What Does Social Media Have

Screenshot showing a landing page Best Practice. Screenshot showing an ecommerce product page What the best practice does right: Uses as much space for the product French Polynesia B2B List image as possible. Shows the product from all angles in a single convenient view. For best results, French Polynesia B2B List show a video that explains the product and presents it from all angles. Screenshot showing a product page with a video The difference becomes especially apparent on mobile devices (screenshot below is a side-by-side comparison).

French Polynesia B2B List

Users can easily swipe through the image French Polynesia B2B List gallery in the best practice (on the left). In the worst practice (on the right), they have to zoom in to hit the right buttons – a frustrating experience. Screenshot showing product page and its description Unfortunately, French Polynesia B2B List none of the examples use the alt attribute 100% correctly. Since search engines cannot  French Polynesia B2B List literally “see,” they rely on a multitude of factors to understand what’s inside an image. The alt attribute is the most crucial factor, along with the image file name and

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