Screenshot showing Sumo discount campaigns 4. Go to Forms > List Builder > Forms > Create New Form. We are going to create one form and link it to our discount Chile Phone Number List campaign. Then we’ll create variations of this form to test against once it’s complete. Screenshot Chile Phone Number List showing Sumo create new form button 5. Set your Goal to Collect Emails. Screenshot showing Sumo settings 6. Set your Form Type to Popup. Screenshot showing Sumo settings 7. Set your Design to Sumo’s Space template (or pick your own

Cross Sell Your Customers

Template and customize it to match your brand’s style). Customize the text to show the percentage off that matches your discount campaign % off, as well as how long Chile Phone Number List people have. To claim the discount (Antonio is using a 10% off discount and giving people Chile Phone Number List three hours to claim it). Screenshot showing Sumo settings 8. On your Success Popup (the popup people Chile Phone Number List see after entering their email) add a new Discount Code widget and Assign your % Off Discount to it. This will automatically generate a unique discount

Chile Phone Number List

Code for every person who signs up for your offer and show it to them after they opt in with their email address. Screenshot showing Sumo settings 9. Set your Visibility to Manual Mode and set it up for when the User Leaves. Add a rule to only show the popup on your /cart and /checkouts page (or whatever pages that is for your store). Also add a Show rule for Cookie named cart exists. This will allow you to target people that add an item to your cart and leave anywhere else on your site. Screenshot showing Sumo visibility settings

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