A year or two ago we also decided to bring in our customer service and broadened our horizons to Customer Relations. That includes social media engagement, social commerce and CRM. In our ‘voice of the customer’ platform we share customer feedback directly with our board members so that we can also actively and quickly realize improvements in our processes. They should also get the feeling that customers have in our store when they interact with us online or by phone. So now we have a few hundred employees who are shaping customer service in a Rituals way, with flair and personality.”

Look beyond your own shop

Cloosterman: “Our involvement extends further than just our own stores. We have a policy of trying to give back to people around us and around the world. We structurally support three goals. That is War Child, we offer help with equipment, advice and financial support.

“We are also closely involved with Tiny Miracles, as a founding sponsor. Tiny Miracles helps small communities in India in a holistic way to build a good, healthy and happy life.

“We are also the initiator of the Super Chill Foundation. This foundation teaches children to find their peace. That makes such a big difference. For example, when a child VP Audit Email Lists relaxes, his or her learning capacity increases enormously. With Super Chill we want to reach a few million children in Europe. That way we give back in a way that is very close to us. We don’t really show off with these activities, it will probably have little impact on customer appreciation. But that’s not what we do it for.

VP of Audit Email Lists

Be flexible

“Normally we are very set up to receive and spoil our customers in the stores,” says Cloosterman. “But if suddenly your shops are forced to close, you have to change things up a bit. With the whole club, we’ve been inventing new ways to stay in touch with our customers like crazy. How can we still provide that distinctive service in the new situation? What new services can we think of and add?”

Think creatively

Rituals was creative and successful in devising and deploying new services. Private shopping arrangements were made with customers fairly quickly. Loyal customers were allowed to shop alone or +1 in the stores – in peace, safety and luxury. In total, no fewer than 150,000 customers were received in this way in a short time.

Cloosterman: “We also arranged within a few weeks that we would also supply our customers from the stores. Store employees could accept online orders on their mobile phone, immediately pick the orders, pack them, add a personal message and then get on their bike to have the order delivered to their home within an hour.

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