Today, I will talk with you about a relatively common form of data visualization: large screen

The big data screen, whether it is data or not, should be familiar. For those who are engaged in data, they are often dismissive, thinking that the big screen is tasteless, tasteless, and has no technical content; ” of all knowledge.

Everything that exists is reasonable, and blind denial is not an objective attitude. It’s just Saudi Arabia Mobile Number about the 618 promotion, and companies must start to engage in big screens again. Let’s talk about the big data screen in detail today.

Application scenarios of large screen

Speaking of the big screen, let’s take a few pictures first to see the presentation of the general large screen.

For example, the public relations screen of Alibaba Double Eleven:

Management monitoring and decision-making

Monitoring and decision-making should be the most primitive starting point of the big data screen. The large visual screen can display and track data in Saudi Arabia Mobile Number real time and intuitively for scenarios such as business monitoring, operation command, and operation and maintenance monitoring. When an abnormality occurs, it can respond in time, provide a basis for scientific command, and play a role in real-time monitoring.

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At this point, in fact, there is no essential difference between the BI system on the PC side or the APP side.

However, in practice, it is difficult for me to give the ratio of actually making a large screen for monitoring and decision-making. Anyway, the companies I have experienced and contacted have not monitored and made Saudi Arabia Mobile Number decisions through the big screen. Maybe in some traditional industries (such as traffic management systems, large factories), there are such scenarios, which require a bunch of people to watch the big screen in the lobby to make decisions. Friends who have been in contact with this aspect are welcome to leave a message to provide materials~

Whether it is a face project or not, this is a matter of opinion, it is hard to say. Although it is Saudi Arabia Mobile Number an image project, it is true that if you have a bad face, it is difficult to reflect your own strength and how good the landing effect can be.

This kind of scene is actually similar to the leader’s visit and inspection. And it is also to show muscles to the outside world.

For example, the Ali Double Eleven big screen presented at the beginning. I remember a few years ago, on the eve of and on the day of Double Eleven. Ali invited various media reporters and partners to watch transaction data in real time in the large conference room. In this case, a large screen is the best choice. In the end, various media will use the large-screen photos as media releases for publication.


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