Warning : find all our deliverability tests here (including the latest ones). Following our previous email deliverability test last year, we are pleased to publish the results of our latest round of testing . There were a few surprises in this round – the third in our series of deliverability tests (we launched the first round in August 2017). One tool has seen remarkable improvement, for example, and other more widely used tools have not performed as well. We Pakistan Phone Number perform these tests as part of our ongoing commitment to monitoring the deliverability rates of the world’s most popular email marketing services. As with previous cycles, we tested 10 different email marketing services in five separate tests, using the Glockapps Delivery Testing Tool (you can read more about our methodology here). But enough spoilers! Check out our infographic below, followed by a more detailed breakdown of the results.

Email Deliverability January 2019

Although our tests were sent to over 30 different mailbox vendors around the world, they were weighted according to importance. The following table summarizes the average deliverability rates to major ISPs – Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft (Hotmail + Outlook) and AOL. For Gmail, we distinguished between emails that arrived in the main Gmail inbox and the Gmail Promotions tab.

How Can I Improve My Own Deliverability?

Email Database

So what can you do? We suggest taking these figures as an indication. If you’re looking for a new email marketing service, be sure to do your research. Choose a provider with a reputable track record and, if possible. Find out what kinds of processes they have in place for approving new customers. Listing uploads, email sends, etc. And take advantage of free plans or trial periods to really test the tool. deliverability (using tools like Glockapps – click here to see a sample report from them).


Wondering where your current tool is on our list? Do everything in your power to increase your chances of receiving your e-mail. Authenticating e-mails, following good practices for creating and sending e-mails. Pay close attention to the send, open, and click rates of your campaigns. And perform additional testing through Glockapps or a similar deliverability tool.

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