In the process of having to wander around. In addition to the problem of material food and clothing, social. language and cultural differences have added many difficulties. Generally speaking. Most people’s associations with “rescue” are the imagination. Of material aspects such as food distribution and housing resettlement, but guest Liao Yunjie specifically mentioned that spiritual rescue is often the potential demand of people. Regardless of whether they are floating or resettled refugees, they will always have a huge psychological burden when they face a homeland and a dazed future. She shared her own experience in the South Naples project area in the West Bank: The impact of decades of Israeli-Palestinian conflict is deeply rooted here, full of power asymmetry and oppression.

For example, the army affects the freedom of residents

activities, occupies land and farmland, and discharges waste water into local rivers, etc., which makes the residents’ lives very difficult. What’s more, the army will extort residents and cut down their Panama Phone Number olive trees if they do not comply. However, the olive tree is not only an important cash crop for Palestinians, but also a spiritual symbol passed down by the family from generation to generation. I have seen the local people kneeling in front of the tree roots, crying and bowing. With the dignity of being a human being, and even more, how can a father tell such a tragedy to his child? Whether it is power oppression or helplessness, people inevitably face enormous mental pressure, which in turn leads to negative cycles such as family conflict and child violence.

Fortunately, World Vision has been involved in

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rescue operations in the South Naples Project Area since 2008. Through the establishment of relevant institutions, it provides spiritual support through art therapy, so that children can find an outlet for spiritual pressure in the chaotic environment. Assist in solving local problems including education and family, insufficient medical facilities, and long-term psychological trauma of local residents (especially children) caused by fragile environment. 0000 Photo Credit: World Vision World Vision continues to provide psychosocial support to children and mothers in the local community through art therapy! Real People: Heartwarming Stories from World Vision A young Isobian named “Mo Shangbo”

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