FAQS FAQs are a form of customer service but in the way they’re used in ecommerce nowadays.With questions and answers from users—they also display social proof. The line is blurry. Amazon was the first one to show user-generated Q&As, but now others are using the same approach, too. That content format has become incredibly valuable with Google rolling out “featured snippets,” a short answer to a simple question in the search results. Screenshot showing google search results Featured Snippets do increase traffic to the site that occupies them because it gets much attention and, in many cases

Marketing Solution Is Right Or Not

People have follow-up questions. But that comes at a cost: it makes the search results page for that query more competitive. Worst Practice Screenshot showing q&a on a walmart product. What the worst practice does wrong: Doesn’t make it easy to scan Q&A quickly. Doesn’t show a Djibouti B2B List or questions. Best Practice Screenshot showing amazon product questions and answers What the best practice does right: Shows votes for answers. So users can quickly see the most relevant Q&A. Allows users to search Q&A. Give users the chance to see more questions and answers on one page to better scan them.

Djibouti B2B List

SOCIAL FEEDS Social feeds have evolved with the rise of Instagram. Most of the time, manufacturers or retailers ask users to share a picture of themselves using the product. With a specific hashtag, which makes it possible for the retailer to show only related images. It’s a very powerful form of social proof because you can click on the images and visit the profiles of people posting them. You can see that they are real people and the images show what the product looks like in a real situation, rather than a polished picture made by professionals in a studio.

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