With stores like Amazon offering free two-day and even next-day shipping for their customers. If you want to stay competitive, you have to join in. According to Greg MacDonald, the founder and CEO of Bathorium Customers today expect free shipping and a fast turnaround. We knew 7-10 philippines phone number business days to reach the destination wouldn’t fly — especially around the holidays.” [*] philippines phone number If you’re worried about losing money, you have two options: Put the cost of shipping into the purchase price of your products. Just eat the cost (being sure to monitor sales to see if it’s worth it).

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Test, test, test. I could be completely wrong about free shipping being a great marketing idea for your specific store/niche, but you’ll never know unless you test it. You have to try it, see how it goes, then make a decision based on YOUR specific data. Free shipping can get people in the door. Then philippines phone number you can use the other Christmas marketing ideas on this list (like product bundling) to increase your average order value enough. To make it worth it! Lastly, when thinking through your shipping strategy for the holidays, you need to be prepared to meet the influx of orders from your marketing successes.

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Earlier this year, Bathorium sold 12,000 units across 4,800 orders on a single day. [*] By preparing their internal team and third-party logistics provider (ShipBob), philippines phone number they were able to fulfill and deliver all orders within 72 hours. To provide the best end-to-end philippines phone number customer experience and acquire the word-of-mouth reputation that all brands strive for. You need to plan for unforeseen success spikes such as this. 7. RUN A POST-CHRISTMAS SALE Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean people aren’t still looking for deals. “Santa didn’t get you what you wanted? That’s OK — here’s one last deal so you can buy it for yourself!” People are

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