Graph showing b2b ecommerce merchandise volume stats. The revenue generated by B2B eCommerce is more than 200% larger than B2C eCommerce sales as Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List the below graphic. From Shopify illustrates:[*] Screenshot showing eCommerce sales amounts by b2b/b2c The Pros Of B2B Ecommerce Potentially large orders. With B2B you’re more likely to receive bulk Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List orders than B2C. An office manager searching for new chairs is likely to purchase chairs for the whole office rather than just one. High purchase intent: B2B searchers have high purchase intent and will rarely just “browse” as many B2C customers do.

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When a B2B purchaser searches Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List for a product, it’s because they’re ready to buy. Steady growth: As we mentioned, 90% of B2B merchants expect their eCommerce sales to increase in 2018. This could be largely due to the fact that B2B eCommerce  Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List  is often less susceptible to huge fluctuations due to long-term relationships, sales contracts, and business forecasting. The Cons Of B2B Ecommerce Longer sales cycles: There are far more customers than businesses, meaning there are fewer potential customers in the B2B space. B2B sales cycles are typically longer, too with potential customers often discussing quotes and costs with multiple

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Companies before making a purchase. Competing on price: In the B2B space, cost is quite often a deal maker or breaker. You may need to spend more time and energy negotiating with suppliers (and sales prospects). And ensuring you’re priced in line with your competitors to make a sale. Customer influence: In B2C, people don’t often make requests for discounts or customizations. But in the B2B space where bulk buying is common, you might face more requests to alter your product offerings to provide a business with exactly what they want. B2C: BUSINESS-TO-CONSUMER B2C businesses tend to be what most people think of

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