Widget is its value proposition. Who doesn’t want free meals? And if you take a closer look at their offer, they are pretty generous too, giving away an entire week’s worth of food if you refer three friends. Screenshot showing a referral program promotion That explains why YouFoodz’s Cape- Verde Email List referral program is beating the industry average. Screenshot showing stats for a referral Cape- Verde Email List program Key Takeaway. Don’t be shy about your referral marketing program. Show it to all your visitors. People who aren’t ready to buy right now, might be ready to refer you to get your referral reward.  To get more people to sign up for your referral program

Build a List – Who Else Wants

Embed your signup form (or a link to your form) on your navigation bar (header or footer.) This is where Thrive Causemetics excels. Thrive Cape- Verde Email List company that follows the TOMS One for One model. For every cosmetics product purchased, Thrive donates one product to a woman in need. Screenshot showing a cosmetics ecommerce store Embedded on their website footer is their referral program. Screenshot showing the referral link on the bottom of a page Selecting it sends you to their embedded sharing page, where. Thrive gives you $10 off their products if a referred friend purchases: Screenshot showing

To Stay In Business And Be Protected

Opt-in form for a referral program It’s a great tactic. It’s not intrusive, yet every Thrive visitor gets a chance to sign up for their referral marketing program. Even without aggressive promotion, Thrive is beating the industry referral rate: Screenshot showing stats for a referral program. And their customers are not just referring once or twice, but more than 20 times! Screenshot showing top referrers Key Takeaway. Passively promote your referral program with an embedded sharing page on your website’s header or footer.

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