LEGO Screenshot showing a messenger conversation HOW THE CHATBOT WORKS LEGO’s. Chatbot helps shoppers tackle a difficult problem… choosing the right gift. Ralph the Gift Bot will provide personalized gift recommendations to all users directly within Messenger. Ralph chooses gift recommendations based on how a user answers questions within the bot. It starts out by asking simple questions, like location, age of the person you’re buying for, and gift budget. Once the bot has these details, it lets users choose the theme of product they’d like to buy (adventure, travel, town planning, etc).

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Once the user has found a product they like, they get a link that automatically adds. The product to their shopping cart on Lego’s website, so they can purchase it. Screenshot showing a messenger conversation with lego THE RESULTS: LEGO’s chatbot is available in the UK, US, Peru B2B List Germany. Using Facebook’s click-to-Messenger ads, in some of these markets Lego has seen a 6X return on ad spend. The bot also helped LEGO to reduce their cost per conversion by 31% (vs. other conversion-based ads). 3. DECEN MUEBLES INFANTILES Screenshot showing a messenger conversation HOW THE CHATBOT WORKS The DECEN Muebles Infantiles bot helps the company to sell baby furniture.

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Showcasing the company’s products and then the bot asks “how can we help?” before showing a short menu of options including. Customer service Talk to a digital assistant View catalogue The bot enables DECEN to replicate the personal sales approach they’d previously used at product expos. Whereas a lot of this would have been lost on a website. The whole process, from connecting with the bot to viewing a product, is a flowing conversation. And through a range of questions, the user can tell the bot exactly what type of product they’re looking for before

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