However, it is important that you take into consideration something that. Bego clarifies in this episode: the learning curve is not the same for all marketing automation processes. The automation of our social networks is quite simple to do. You can easily schedule content to be published later using tools like these: tweetdeck hoot. Suite Sprout sendible On the other hand, the automation of our emails is a much more delicate issue and. As Bego explains, it has a much steeper learning curve. In these cases, it is advisable to seek support from an expert in digital marketing. But not before taking advantage and dedicating some of our time to understanding the basic concepts. If you have time and can dedicate yourself to learning, do it, because then you will be able to control. If you learn to control, then you can delegate and thus you know.

What is being done and they will not tease you Is it true that quality is lost when automating? You don’t necessarily have to lose quality and familiarity when building an automated message. It is true that a generic message will help you get out of trouble with processes. Such as confirmation of email received , confirmation of purchases, confirmation of request for returns, etc. The key is to adapt the automations to each process and the recipient of that message. In other words, customize them according to the objective they have to meet but also according to our client groups. This allows us to keep the human touch in tone and content. A good way to do it is to prepare the texts, images and multimedia content that will be automated. Thinking of buyer personas: in profiles of potential clients.

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And in this section, storytelling is key to giving it Benin phone number the emotional touch! Automation in customer service and logistics. It is precisely in the logistics section where automation becomes more important. Because it saves us considerable amounts of time . In addition, they are vital for the client to feel safe. Exactly in this field Shopify has you covered! This saves an unimaginable amount of time, Bego reminds us. Free guide. From deciding how much to charge your customers, to understanding insurance. And tracking shipments. This comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through the entire process. Can I only automate the sales processes? No. In fact, getting creative with automations is perhaps. One of the most powerful advantages that you can bring to your ecommerce. And that will have a positive impact on your quality of life.

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ANOTHER EXAMPLE: You can automate meetings: Create a calendar of available hours so that when someone requests a quote they can go directly to this calendar and choose a time slot that we have free. This is particularly useful for people who offer professional services or sell B2B products that require prior negotiation with the potential client. Or you can also automate the informative messages of your brand. That is, all the corporate content of your ecommerce: official messages, product announcements, announcements of inventory problems or logistical delays, etc. It is important to always have the client updated and when reaching a certain volume of clients it is impossible to do that one by one. Now due to Covid there have been many delays and we have to report this, we have to be in contact with our clients and this with automation can be done easily.

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What are the main errors in automation processes? Bego points out that there are two errors: The most common mistake I always see is not having a web page ready to convert . If the web is not ready to convert, we are not going to sell. we are throwing money And the second mistake is not knowing how to segment correctly . Automated processes require clear segmentation because your sales messages will automatically speak to that person. And if they are not built to really reach that potential client, their effectiveness plummets and there is no opportunity to intervene – because it is an automated process – to manually, we could say, modify the content and adapt to the individual. Create a winning marketing strategy for your ecommerce. This Mega GUIDE tells you all the keys!

To close, Bego Romero considers that the vital advice for an online entrepreneur who wants to automate his ecommerce is training . Train yourself in a good master’s degree, in good training that is powerful. Don’t try to save on it Training is investment and in the end it is what will make your business grow. The other option is to find a good professional and invest in digital marketing, because that is no longer the future, it is the present. These representations are built from demographic information, behavior, needs and motivations, age, social position or hobbies. And even sometimes the religious or political component is used, normally through the popular VALS (Values ​​and Lifestyles). The ultimate goal of building these “customer profiles” is to put ourselves in the shoes of our target audience.


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